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Founder and CEO Scott Nelson created Thrive Medicare in 2015, after nearly two decades supporting advisors and their clients through Thrive Wealth Strategies. You can thank Medicare Part D for our existence...


In 2006, Medicare Part D changed, forcing every then-current enrollee to update their coverage immediately or face penalties. Unfortunately, the launch of new Part D plans didn’t come with any manuals or guides, so millions of retirees faced an unexpected and confusing choice.


Many financial advisors were caught off-guard by the new Part D plans. No one Scott worked with knew how to address the mandates and help their clients stay compliant with new laws and regulations. Since no one else knew how to make the right Medicare Part D choices, Scott immersed himself in data and legal documents. He soon became his firm’s go-to Medicare expert. Within a year, Scott was helping dozens of clients choose the best and most cost-effective Medicare plans.


A year later, insurers began to notice Scott’s flawless track record of client satisfaction. Multiple insurers reached out to ask Scott to develop educational programs for new Medicare enrollees. He’s been helping advisors and their clients ever since.


Over time, Scott began to realize the problems he faced — confusion, uncertainty, and complexity — were widespread among financial advisors and their clients. To better help people across the country, he began developing the Thrive Medicare Advisory Training program and the Thrive Partner Network.


As one of the first financial advisors in the U.S. to recognize the importance of Medicare to his clients’ financial futures, Scott has built Thrive Medicare into a trusted platform for financial advisors across the United States, with training, mentorship programs, referral networks, and direct client support.


Today, Thrive works with hundreds of financial advisors across the country. Hundreds of high-net-worth financial advisory clients are referred to Thrive each year for smart guidance and world-class support, and we’re growing! Our goal is to become the nation’s trusted source for fair, friendly, and accessible guidance to Medicare.



Scott Nelson

Founder + CEO, Thrive Medical Strategies

Scott has been a registered financial advisor and planner since 1999, and a licensed Medicare specialist through AARP Financial since 2005.


In his dual roles at Thrive Wealth Strategies and Thrive Medicare Strategies, Scott has helped thousands of investors secure their futures, whether through savvy financial guidance and wealth management or through experienced support for new Medicare beneficiaries. One of Scott’s greatest skills as an advisor is his ability to simplify complex subjects — such as retirement investing or Medicare plan selection — putting clients and partners at ease with clear explanations and recommendations.


Scott is a firm believer in living to work, rather than working to live. He approaches every day with a passion for helping people, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


When not supporting his clients, Scott is an active participant and leader in his local community. He served as the inaugural Dad’s Liaison on the board of the Newburyport Mother’s Club before leading the expansion of the organization into the Greater Newport Family Club, in which he serves as Vice President for 3 years.


Scott is also a devoted family man. He loves to go on adventures with his wife and three boys (ages 7, 5, and 2), whether it’s a skiing trip, a bike ride to the beach, or a strenuous hike through the pathways near their home. Scott always tries to make time to support his family, and can often be found chasing his boys on mud races and other sporting pursuits.


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