Making Medicare easy...
for you and your clients.

We’ve helped over 250 financial advisors guide their clients towards the best Medicare plans and providers.


How it works

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    Contact us or fill out a quick form from this page and we’ll get you set up as a Thrive referral partner.


    Compliance, documentation, and education — we make it seamless to plug Medicare into your existing advisory business.


  • Refer clients

    If your clients have questions about Medicare, send them our way. We’ve helped over 1,000 people choose the right Medicare solutions.


    Check out how easy it is by completing a sample intake form.


  • Everyone Wins!

    You’ll earn referral fees every time someone signs up for a qualifying Medicare plan through Thrive. Once you've referred someone, we'll take care of everything.


    It couldn't be easier to add stress-free value to your clients’ lives... with Thrive Medicare Strategies.

Why Choose Thrive?


Financial advisors and their clients trust us to provide fair and straightforward guidance in selecting the right Medicare plans.


We know you need to build a client pipeline, provide appropriate guidance and wealth management services for a wide range of personalities with varying objectives, and manage the day-to-day needs of your business... and a million other things besides.


Wholesalers will throw out eye-popping numbers (for example, the average retiree will spend $285,000 on healthcare after age 65), but no one wants to tell you the important stuff... like how to best manage your healthcare expenses in retirement.


Your clients want to save money on healthcare during retirement. They don’t want to be overwhelmed or stressed out by too many options with unclear benefits and expenses. If you can solve those problems, you’ll have clients for life.


It’s more important than ever to help your (soon-to-be) retired clients make informed decisions.


The Medicare market is full of sharks who prey on the 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day. They want Medicare to seem complex and challenging, so your clients will be more likely to accept their ideas without doing their own research. But the wrong choices can result in a lifetime of penalties your clients won’t be able to escape.


Thrive Medicare Strategies is here to help you secure the right Medicare services your clients need, at the lowest possible costs, while remaining fully compliant with all laws and regulations. We want partners for life, not just for right now.


Thrive founder and CEO Scott Nelson has trained over 250 financial advisors in Medicare best practices since 2015. In that time, the Thrive Medicare network of advisors and clients has:


✅  Helped over 1,000 eligible beneficiaries choose their plan(s).
✅  Trusted Medicare partner for 30+ independent advisory firms.

✅  Mentored 50+ advisors to become their firm’s in-house Medicare experts.


We’re financial advisors first, but we’re Medicare experts because our clients demanded it. So when we say “we know what it’s like,” it’s because we’ve been there, too.


Don’t let your clients’ Medicare uncertainty get in the way of your growth or hinder the good relationships you’ve built.


And don’t miss out on the easiest opportunity you might ever have to add a new revenue stream to your practice.


Trust the experts to give your clients the best advice and experience, so you can get back to handling everything else.


Here's to answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

Are my clients eligible for Medicare?

 Is my client still eligible for Medicare if they’re working after 65?

How does the Thrive partner network work?​

 How will this affect my client relationships?​

Will you train me to offer Medicare consulting services?

We help a limited number of financial advisors implement Medicare consulting into their practices each year. Contact us today to see if you’re a good fit for Thrive Training.